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воскресный кавалер

Captain William Wade by Thomas Gainsborough
Date painted: 1771
Collection: Victoria Art Gallery

Captain William Wade was Master of Ceremonies at Bath’s Assembly Rooms from 1769 to 1777. As this magnificent portrait makes clear, Wade’s business was fashionable society.

He oversaw protocol and the behaviour of people at balls in the Assembly Rooms. Wade’s clothes are fashionable and impressive and his pose, based on Van Dyck, emphasises his height and elegance. Thomas Gainsborough was based in Bath from 1759 to 1774, where he made a good living painting portraits of wealthy spa visitors. This painting was commissioned by the proprietors of the Assembly Rooms, to go on display there. Gainsborough was keen to take on this commission, as a picture like this, hanging in a high-profile location served as an advertisement for his talents

Tags: искусство, портрет
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