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© I Mestieri della moda a Venezia dal XIII al XVIII Secolo.
Ala Napoleonica E Museo Correr, Venice. 1988.

Cut velvet dark green silk embroidered in silver-gilt and silver yarn and curly, pearls, the application technique, the technique of blue silk satin stitch, silver sequins. Suspension and borders in gilt silver cord twisted yarn. Pink taffeta lining. The bag, unusual shape, could fulfill most uses: purses, como suggests chuisa front pocket with a cord, door dust or portaprofumi. Wisely suspended the waist of the dress, very much in vogue, the 'bag-shaped lute "and very valuable both for the quality of the embroidery and the richness of the materials for setting stistica. The plant motifs that adorn every part of the accessory are made with grace and richness of details highlighted by the many pearls placed in various parts in order to highlight the preziosita. This refined accessory, which certainly emphasized the sumptuousness of a ceremonial dress, it was probably a gift love, how can suggest two hearts pierced by two arrows, according to a custom widespread in the Renaissance.

Вырезной (?) бархат темно-зеленого шелка, вышивка серебром с позолотой, жемчуг, техника аппликации, вышивка голубой шелковой гладью, серебряные блестки.
Сумка (кошелек), необычной формы (в форм
Вероятно, это был дар любви, как можно предположить: два сердца пронзенные двумя стрелами, согласно обычаю, распространенному в эпоху Возрождения.
Tags: дамские штучки

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