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Люблю я помидоры!

'Rapunzel' tomato

А вот еще какие бывают:

Tomato, SteakHouse Hybrid:

  SD0133 Unique Rare Purple Cherry Tomato Vegetable Seeds, High Germination, 60-Days Money Back Guarantee (20 Seeds) by PlantGrabber,

Alternative Gardning: Tomato Varieties:

Spring Tomato Gardening - 18 tomato plants to try growing via homework:

"Growing San Marzano tomato plants is a great way to get the most out of your garden. Producing an endless supply of tasty tomatoes, this is one variety you won't want to miss!":

Ananas Noir Tomato Seeds | Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:

Tomato, Red Lightning Hybrid:     Italian Ice Hybrid Tomato ripen from green to ivory white:
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