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субботние развлечения

Regency parlor game -:
Regency parlor game (салонная игра)

Светские развлечения времен Регентства

Le Bon Genre 45:

Le Bon Genre 10:

Le Bon Genre 55:

Plate 80: a group of five ladies playing hide-and-seek in a walled garden. July 1815 Hand-coloured etching:

Le Bon Genre 11:

Published by Aaron Martinet a fashionable couple play with a shuttlecock, watched by a couple and a man drinking at a table. c.1802 Battledore was originally the name given to a wooden bat used for beating clothes during washing in England.:

A Helter Skelter. A husband collects his wife and a father his wife and daughter as they finish at the bottom of a helter-skelter. February 1817 Hand-coloured etching fur on pelisse:

Plate 95: a street performer playing a violin and trumpet while pulling a face, watched by four ladies wearing hats. October 1816 Hand-coloured etching:

Танцуют все!

Plate 19: a young couple execute the complicated steps of the danse, watched by another couple who find them too complicated. 1802-12  Hand-coloured etching:

Le Bon Genre 21:

Plate 43: two couples dancing holding hands in a line. 1812  Hand-coloured etching:

Le Bon Genre 1:

Le Bon Genre 8:
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