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огуречных закусок пост

cucumber sandwich:

Smoked salmon cream cheese spread rolled up in thinly sliced cucumber. An easy yet elegant appetizer.:       Cucumber Roll Ups with Hummus #cucumber #veggierollups:

Роллы из огурцов с копченым лососем
Роллы из огурцов или цуккини с хумусом

Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sandwich Rolls:      The ultimate low carb, healthy and refreshing summer appetizer or light meal: Asian cucumber rolls with shrimp, avocado and wasabi aioli. Gluten Free + Dairy Free.:

Огурцы в лаваше
Роллы из огурцов с креветками, авокадо и васаби

И сэндвичи с огурцом:

Everyday art with cucumber sandwiches. Prettyyy!: Cucumber Sandwiches III Photos -

Cucumber Flower Canapes with cucumber-flower how-to - Tea & Savories from TeaTime Magazine:

Gluten Free Cucumber Sandwiches with Edible Flowers:

Огуречные суши:

This healthy cucumber sushi roll recipe is an easy and refreshing way to enjoy sushi, without all the hassle! Complete with a spicy sriracha mayo sauce. via @liveeatlearn:


Vegetarian, Gluten free


1/4 Avocado, firm slices thin
1/4 Bell pepper, orange
2 Cucumbers
1/4 Red bell pepper


1 tbsp Mayo, light
1/2 tsp Sriracha sauce
Pasta & grains
1 cup Rice, cooked white or brown
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