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Meet "Sugar" - the R. John Wright 2011 Christmas Mouse. This link will take you to a great doll retailer. Click through to see what else they have!:

R. John Wright Dolls

The Wizard Of Oz Mouse by R. John Wright: Lady Mouse:

R John Wright Mother Goose Little Miss Muffet Mouse 7th in series, 3" tall. From the original English nursery rhyme, Little Miss Muffet is dressed in a peach-colored frock of fine cotton batiste layered with an ivory-colored & peach-colored pattern pinafore, A brimmed summer hat sewn of natural straw braid with a silk bow & ribbon rosettes at each cheek, complete her period costume. She holds a tiny detailed metal spoon and wooden bowl. (Not needle felted but great inspiration,): Dorothy Mouse by R. John Wright:

Little Jack Horner: Gentleman Mouse by R. John Wright:

R. John Wright's Top 5 Favorite Mice — R. John Wright: R. JOHN WRIGHT ~ Beatrix Potter Hunca Munca Mouse, felted wool:   R. John Wright Presents: Little Tommy Tittlemouse - R. John Wright, Bennington, VT:

Annamarie the Winter Mouse . I could post this in "Products I love" because she is actually available for sale, but it's way out of my price range.  Just think she's cute.:
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