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Lucas Albert Durer (1828-1919) | Lily of the Valley:

Lucas Albert Durer (1828-1919) - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley German Porcelain Box The Cottage Shop: French handpainted Lilly of the valley thimble box with thimble.:

Boîte étui à dés, décor "muguet" .Porcelaine ~ I would love this case to hold special things:

CORO lily-of-the-valley brooch with navy enamel leaves, artificial pearl flowers all set in gold tone, circa 1941: Vintage Trifari Lily of the Valley Fur Pin:

A gem set and diamond brooches, circa 1960.  A brooch designed as a spray of lily of the valley, set with carved nephrite and rock crystal, the flower heads suspending brilliant-cut diamonds.: Fulco di VERDURA, 'Lily of the valley' brooch: Broche en oro, diamantes, cristal de roca y nefrita (c.1900):
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