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very old gold harp:

То, что справа - помесь арфы с мандолиной!
Cesare Candi of Genoa 12-course (8 sub-basses) harp mandolin:

Art Nouveau Harp dated 1895 and later. Double Chromatic Harp Henry Greenway:     Cesare Candi of Genoa 12-course (8 sub-basses) harp mandolin:

Dital harp, 1816:             1820 Irish Dital harp by John Egan. 28 strings. Exquisite!:

Romanesque harps:


Africa | Bow harp from the Banda Togbo people of DR Congo | Wood, skin, glass, metal and plant fiber | 19th to 20th century. this one look like a guitar, the usually used that in rituals.: Africa | Musical instrument ~ Harp from the Ngbaka people of DR Congo | Early 20th century | Wood, hide and pigment:
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