je_nny (je_nny) wrote,

Насекомые штучки


Представила себе даму в эдаких украшениях - вся в черном с золотом, на голове тюрбан...

А вот еще:

Rare BOUCHER (MB) Metallic Enamel & Diamante Large 'Grasshopper' Pin:   Kristin Holeman- New beetles for Craftart in a couple of weeks. Cloisonne Enamel glassonmetal vitreousenamel kristinholeman beetles pin/pendants. All come with oxidized silver collar.:

Art Nouveau Locusts Hair Ornaments, 1900: French Art Nouveau Hallmarked 18 K Yellow Gold, Platinum Topped, Plique-a-Jour Enamel, and Diamond Dragonfly Entremblant Brooch circa 1900.:

Brooch, owned by Madeleine Albright. Brooch "Beetle" , designer Iradj Moini (USA), 1997. In 1999 it was discovered that the Russians had bugged the US State Department. In her next meeting with Russia, Albright pinned this bug to her shoulder.: Killer Multi Color Enamel Tourmaline Insect Bee 18K Yellow Gold Brooch:

$26000 Imperial Russian Faberge Gold&2ct DIAMONDS,Sapphires&Enamel Beetle Brooch:
Tags: дамские штучки, курьез, штучки

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