je_nny (je_nny) wrote,

котиков много не бывает!

CONFETTI two cats on hind legs, one throws confetti on the other:

SHOPPING | by Louis Wain: DINNER TIME - Vintage postcard by M. Boulanger (unsigned) - 1908:

I'll draw your picture!: Illustrated Victorian Greeting Card   "THE CATS' CONCERT" - Louis Wain.  cute little kitten in a red bowtie: 

Cat  from Arthur Thiele Vintage Postcard: .: Cat Chat Katze Cupid Binoculars from Arthur Thiele Vintage Postcard:

Arthur Thiele: Vintage Victorian White Cat Postcard:

Clever Cats are always Cool Cats: - Animaux (Affiches vintage) - tableaux et affiches pour amoureux d'art:

Tags: кошачьи истории

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