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Надену я белую шляпу...

Nancy More, 1911, wow that is a big fluffy hat. and she has such a serious expression:

Nancy More, 1911

1911. Lillie Langtry.:

1911. Lillie Langtry

Glorious in its madness! > Hatice Burks:

Herečka Andula Sedláčková nepotřebuje rehabilitaci – 25fps:

Vintage Picture of Woman with Huge Hat - Free Image:

feathers hats 1900 - Buscar con Google:

Portrait of a woman, circa 1900 | Pince nez need to come back into style soon!:

American Duchess: V277: Working With Ostrich Feathers: Plumes, Drabs, and Spads:

Bird Hat?:

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive | Vintage Fine Art Prints:

1920s day wear:

Actress ArlctteDorgere in a velvet hat with a tuft of feathers from a bird of paradise, Paris, 1914:

Mlle Tracy, chapeau de Lewis, photo Talbot, Les Modes May 1914.:

Mme Huguette Duflos, hat by Marie Crozet, photo by Talbot, Les Modes June 1914.:

Reutlinger Léopold (1863-1937) Jane Renouardt en buste, avec un chapeau à plume Vers 1910:

И шляпа с траурными перьями, и в кольцах узкая рука:

French actress Geneviève Lantelme (1887-1911):

А этим дамам пёрышек почти не досталось:

Women’s Hats, 1913-1915 | AnOther | Reader:

photo 1913-15, Source: Underwood and Underwood Photographic Collection, 80PA103, Special Collections, University of Kentucky.:

Lei non è una divina, ma il cappello è da sballo!!!!!:

Women’s Hats, 1913-1915 | AnOther | Reader:
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