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Дамские штучки - украшения для волос

Collection of silver and aluminum combs from the Victorian period.:

Collection Antique / Vintage Victorian faux tortoiseshell Hair Combs Mantillas #BrushesCombs:

Past Perfect Vintage: One Hundred Years of Ladies Hair Combs:

Mid 19th Century Victorian to 1910s Edwardian combs in black and ivory celluloid, with one mother of pearl and horn, and one rubber with jet beads.:

Assortment of 1820s-1920s tortoiseshell, horn, and celluloid combs.:

Art Nouveau Hair Comb.: VINTAGE BEAUTIFUL VICTORIAN BLUE & GREEN RHINESTONE FAN HAIR COMB: This German art nouveau comb was made in silver, enamel, and horn by W. Rothenhofer c. 1900 and sold at Sothebys for 2133 EUR. The openwork silver mount sits atop a three-leaf clover.:

Sculpted Gold and Horn Hair Comb: art nouveau hair comb: René Lalique | Art Nouveau hair comb applied with three foil backed frosted glass violets. Mounted in gold.:

Tall Chinese export comb with roses, a symbol of luck, on a carved lacy background. c. 1890. The Barbara Steinberg Collection, given to the Creative Museum.: Museum Combs: Egypt, New Zealand, India, and Germany | Barbaraanne's Hair Comb Blog:

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