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Свадебная неделя

Nusja Jone - Bride (Kosovo):

Nusja Jone - Bride (Kosovo)

Nusja Jone - Bride (Kosovo):

Индийские невесты:

Indian bride beauty:   Beautiful bride:


Japanese Bride:   This is the traditional style of bride in Japan.  Until around 1960, every bride took this style. And wedding ceremony was always performed in the shrine.  But by the influence of USA and Europe, they liked to take western wedding dress. So now only one third or less takes this style. I took this photo Meiji Shrine (the biggest shrine in Japan).:

Невеста американских индейцев (1900-е) и корейская:

American Indian bride, early 1900s:   The traditional Korean bride:

Норвежская и Словацкая

Norwegian bride:   Beautiful bridal costume of Ocova, Slovakia 1953. Bride from village Očová, Podpoľanie region, Central Slovakia.:

Шведская и еще одна норвежская:

Bride from Jämtland, Central Sweden:   Norway:

Две норвежские:

*Per Braaten, Norwegian silver wedding crown, 1935: Woman from Hordaland in a bridal crown:

И еще две:

Stokes marianne-a rumanian bridesmaid:

Stokes marianne-a rumanian bridesmaid

Thérèse Schwartze (Dutch painter) 1851 - 1918, Bruidje uit Oud-Beijerland (Bride from Oud-Beijerland), 1895
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