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Международный День Детской Книги. Сказка Натальи Волковой

The key in the heart - To Alan Rickman
Елена Шнайдер - иллюстрации
Ekaterina Grigoreva, Алексей Ганюшкин - анимация

Оригинал взят у novayadoroga в The Key in the Heart

Вот такая вот странная штуковина произошла. Приснилось мне недавно стихотворение на английском. Не то, чтобы целиком, конечно - начало только, несколько первых строчек и мелодия, и мультиком - сюжет до конца. Потом дописала. Вот такое вот странное сновидение...

There once was a boy
As small as your toe.
He was so nice,
But he could not grow.

The years passed by
Like a torrents’ flow.
His peers grew up
But the boy couldn’t grow.

So nobody knew
If he was near here
As no one could see him,
Or notice or hear.

He suffered and struggled
And looked rather tragic.
But then it did strike him:
“Of course! I need magic!”

And off he did go
Above and below
Through valleys of grass
And meadows of snow

He crossed the Atlantic
With sole ambition –
To find a Wizard
Or better – Magician.

He found him up
At the top of the hill -
A famous Magician,
Called Somerset Mill

“Mulberry, cranberry,
Ginberry-bell” –
He murmured and whispered
A fanciful spell.
He emptied the pot
Full of shimmering bubbles
And picked up the key:
“That’s the Key to your troubles!”

A key?  Just a key?
But can it be so,
That this little key
Will help me to grow?

But Somerset Mill didn’t say a word
He fled away as quick as a thought.

The boy seemed unhappy,
And glared around,
When suddenly he
Heard a vigorous sound –

Something was knocking
Under the tree:
I’m locked!
I’m trapped!
Please save me!
I am a mole
Stuck in the hole.
If you are generous,
Please save my soul!”

“What shall I do? –
Thought the boy –
Let us see…
All that I need
Is a magical key”

“Crackery, crispery” –
Screeched the key.
The door was open –
The mole was free.

“Great, – said the boy,
It is time to retire”

He looked at himself:

He was no higher.

The boy was walking
In his gloomy mood
When suddenly he
Saw a hut in the wood.

Someone was crying:
“Oh, let me free.
I’m locked!
I’m trapped!
Please save me!
I am a fitch
Caught by the witch,
Please let me be
Out of her reach”.

“What shall I do? –
Thought the boy –
Let me see…
All that I need
Is a magical key”

“Crackery, crispery” –
Screeched the key.
The door was open
The fitch was free.

“Great ! – said the boy,
It’s time to retire”.
He looked at himself:

He was no higher.

And nothing could please him
Or joy or inspire,
But suddenly he
Saw a house in fire.

Someone was screaming.
His screams were loud:

I’m locked.
I’m trapped.
Get me out!
I am a cat
left on the mat.
Save me from fire
from dangerous flat”.

“What shall I do? –
Thought the boy –
Let me see…
All that I need … is…
But where is the key???”

It’s not in the pocket,
Not there, not here
It’s lost in the forest,
It did disappear.

“Crackery, crispery” –
The boy said indeed
He kicked in the door
And crashed into it.

He entered the room
All in fire inside
“Where are you, Cat?
Come here,
don’t hide”
The cat
On the mat
Was under the bed
Pale and weak
And almost half-dead.

The boy took him out
Of dangerous fire
And suddenly felt –

He had become higher!


The boy went home,
But under the tree
There stood a Magician
With a magical … KEY.
He smiled and whispered
As he was smart:
“The boy’s got a KEY -
The KEY in his heart”.

Here is my copy of the book "The key in the heart" autographed by #AlanRickman.
Вот он заветный автограф на моем экземпляре "The key in the heart".
Это, вообще, одна большая сказочная история!
И мое знакомство с Natasha Volkova, и все рисунки к сказке на одном дыхании. Образ волшебника в этой сказке написан и нарисован с Алана Рикмана. И, более того, готовая книга, отправлена в подарок по почте. А во время разговора в августе 2015 с мистером Рикманом Наташа убедилась, что книга есть у него и он помнит ее. Потом он подписал книжечки мне и Наташе.
Жаль, что воспоминания эти с налетом грусти.

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