je_nny (je_nny) wrote,

Свадебная неделя - 2

Wedding - 1906:

Vintage Wedding Postcard, ca. 1900s: 1920s:

1910's wedding: Bride and groom, 1920s.:

c. 1920s Wedding: Φωτογραφία γάμου, δεκαετία 1920. Wedding portrait, 1920s:

1920 I wonder if the hanging ribbon represented something. does anyone know about this?: Bride and Groom:

1920s Vintage Wedding Photo: '20s wedding photo. Love the cloche hat and veil!-Pinned because everything looks so much like Nonie's!:

Just Married! 1931:

What a strikingly attractive pair of 1940s newlyweds. I adore her smile, his uniform, her hair, his sense of happiness.:

Tags: любовь, портрет, фото

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