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Бутылочки и пузыречки

POISON / The Owl Drug Co. KT-1 2-wing cobalt poison in rare 5" size with original label.:   THE OWL DRUG COMPANY / POISON / {Embossed Owl on mortar}    At 9 1/2" tall, this is the largest of the Owl triangular poison bottles.:

Обожаю синее стекло! И вообще цветное.

Cobalt Glass Medicine Bottles.:

lovely bottle collection...  via c l u t t e r \ \ n o s t a l g i a: Purple bottles:

bottles.quenalbertini: Old bottles:        Rare Color Cabin Bitters Bottle. a pre-Civil War medicine bottle embossed, "Dr. Wilcox's Sarsaparilla, $ 4,887 Fev2013: DODGE BROTHERS – MELANINE – HAIR TONIC”, bright purple amethyst, tombstone-shaped rectangle, early smooth base, 7 1/2″H, applied double collar, mint. American, 1865-1875, rare. This pristine hair bottle is not only sparkling attic perfect but also quite crude and best of all, the color is even better than normal. – Jeff and Holly Noordsy:

Dickey Chemist, Pioneer 1850, San Francisco, Amber, 6 inch. An amber Dickey Chemist medicine bottle with mortar and pestle: John Hart & Co, Heart Form, Golden Amber, 7 inch. A John Hart & Co heart form glass medicine bottle in golden amber: Loomis's Cream Linament Medicine Bottle, America, 1840-1860, Heckler  Auctioneers Catalog, Winning Bid: $1287.00:
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