je_nny (je_nny) wrote,

12 ваз арт деко

Art Nouveau Cobalt Glass Vase by mabel:
Давно мы не любовались чем-нибудь красивым...
Пусть будут вазы!

Art Nouveau vase ~ Goldberg ~ 1900: art nouveau vase - Adrien Dalpayrat, France, 1895: Art nouvea Loetz & Juventa: 1901 - Mounted Glass Vase, clear blue, splashed with turquoise blue iridescence, in Juventa pewter mount:

Moser cobalt glass vase | JV: A Loetz cobalt Phanomen Genre 377 Vase with a bronze mount from around 1900.: Loetz Wwe., Klostermühle. 'Luna' vase with bronze mounting by E. Bakalowits, 1901. H. 34 cm. Cased glass, slightly green/blue. Décor Luna optisch, slightly iridescent. | SOLD 2,800 EUR:

Loetz:   Zsolnay art nouveau vase, 1900... luv this! by Connie Kim:

daum crystal | Visit German Gilt Bronze Mounted Art Pottery Vase.  Attributed to Otto Eckmann, Germany, circa 1910: ** Edmond Lachenal | French | 1855-about 1948:
Tags: стекло, штучки

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