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Mary Fedden

Mary Fedden

Мэри Федден
Дата рождения: 14 августа 1915 г.; Bristol, United Kingdom
Дата смерти: 22 июня 2012 г.; London, United Kingdom
Годы активности: 1950 - 2012
Национальность: Британец
Направление: Наивное Искусство (Примитивизм)
Подборка работ (67):

Mary Feddon's  cats by the sea Mary Fedden

Mary Fedden (can tie in with painted paper collage still life) foreground, middle ground, background.

Mary Feddon

Мэри Fedden | Сталкеров

Untitled, Mary Fedden, OBE (RCA Secret Show, 1998).  Mary Fedden is an accomplished, well-regarded British painter and a perennial favorite at the RCA Secret Show.  She painted this fantastic piece  my 15 month-old daughters favorite painting  at the age of 83.

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Mary Fedden (UK 1915-2012) White Chair (1980)

Lemons. Mary Fedden.

Mary Fedden who paints exquisite still life. She taught David Hockney and I think his work shows her influence. I also think she deserves much more recognition.

Mary Fedden, who has died aged 96, was one of Britain’s best-known and most sought after painters, though full recognition, which accompanied her election to the Royal Academy in 1992, came late in life
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