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vintage colour bookplate depicts woman sitting on rug choosing book from crowded bookshelves, early 20th century

Ex Libris H.N. Ouwerling - Auteur - Jacobs, J. - 1920. I WANT this bookplate as my own...  nickyskye meanderings: ex libris, a few book plates I like

Love all of the books in this bookplate. S - exlibris by Anton Pieck for Jac. B. Knol

vintage bookplate by henry ospovat picture on VisualizeUs oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller’s bookplate, or more likely, a bit of satire created by a contemporary critic!

sigmund freud Bookplate ex libris    EX LIBRIS - Scott Fitzgerald

Bauer, M.A.J. (1867-1932). 'Ex-Libris Vincent van Gogh'. Etched ex libris, 8,2x5,1 cm., monogrammed Katarina Vavrova

Marcus Behmer, Ex libris con strano elefante, linoleum c.1910 (segnalato via FB da Gino Roncaglia) Egbert Herfurth for Hannele & Werner Grebe

The Sensuous, Beautiul ex-libris of Alphonse Inoue Alphonse Inoue  (369×735)

Cultura Inquieta - Alphonse Inoue
Tags: искусство, курьез, чтение

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