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Искусство микромозаики

Gold And Agate Micro Mosaic Box - England   c.1888 - The Royal Collection

King Charles Spaniel Micromosaic Brooch c1860 Victorian Micro Mosaic Jewelry | victorian micro mosaic dog brooch | Tiny Little Dog--Jewelry

Victoria and Albert: Gilbert Collection: Micromosaics

antique micromosaic | Antique Roman Micromosaic Brooch set in a 14K yellow gold mounting ... micro mosaic | Micro mosaic | jewelry

9d2070912605f0a11ac121e8aa07c5c0 1800-25 г.

Micromosaic portrait... Glass Mosaic Portrait of Camillo Rospigliosi Italian Callandra 1630

A micro-mosaic brooch with landscape scene Hardstone Box With Micro Mosaic Mounted In Gold - Italy   c. Probably 1819

A gold and micromosaic brooch/pendant, circa 1865 Of ancient Egyptian inspiration, the elaborate cartouche depicting a pharaonic mask with two seated figures either side, in blue, red, yellow, green, white and black tesserae, within a patterned border of green and red micromosaic, surmounted by two writhing serpent motifs, a gold beadwork plaque, and black and white hieroglyph, suspending three black and white amphora pendants, glazed compartment to reverse, length 7.2cmA 19th century micro mosaic pendant, circa 1870GOLD AND MICRO MOSAIC BROOCH/PENDANT, 1860s. The central circular panel set with…

Micromosaic le sibille gioielli -

  micro mosaics | Antique Micro Mosaic BraceletA Pair of Archaeological Revival Yellow Gold Micromosaic Hoop Earrings, French. Consisting of a multicolour scarab and foliate motif micromosaic inlay against a white background, accented with an intricate blue, red, and white geometric edging and rope texture gold border. With French owl import mark. #antique #ArchaeologicalRevival #earrings

Roman Micro Mosaic Jewelry | Mrs. Jones & Company
The micromosaic by Maurizio Floravanti for Massoni. Octagonal, openwork in yellow gold 18K set with diamonds US$61,000. The Roman Micromosaic is an art belonging to a specific geographic area and historic age. It was limited to Rome and the surroundings from the second half of the eighteen century and lasting for about hundred years.
Owl Locket by SARA GLABERSON-USA~ Materials: Sterling silver, quail eggs ~ "Fabricated locket with an eggshell mosaic. Quail eggs are speckled with a rich variety of browns, and after the eggs were broken, I sorted the pieces based on tone and intensity. I wondered how much of a range I could get from the egg, without altering it in any way." Dimensions: 2" x 1 3/4".

Приглашаю полюбоваться, поудивляться украшениям с микромозаикой. Украшения созданы из крошечных разноцветных плиточек смальты и стекла.

История возникновения микромозаики

Микро-мозаика, метод прямого набора

Римская мозаика, флорентийская мозаика и техника миллефлиори

making a micro-mosaic
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