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Another cozy 18th c. Lady - velvet hood and matching capelet, fur muff and one of the coolest (warmest) 18th century accessories - muffetees! Muffetees were velvet or silk gauntlets trimmed with fur and worn like mitts on the forearms. Adorable!    Louis Henirette de Bourbon, Duchess de Chartres and d'Orleans

French School of the 18th century
Portrait of Louise Henriette de Bourbon, Duchesse de Chartres and Duchesse d'Orlans (1726-1759)

Отсюда: Женские и мужские муфты. 17-18 век
Tags: искусство, портрет

  • Букет

    Художник Яков Маркович Хаимов (1914 - 1991)

  • Миниатюрист

    ab. 1730 Nicolas de Largillière - James IV Roettiers de La Tour (Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens)

  • Дама с зонтиком

    1763 John Singleton Copley - Mrs. Benjamin Pickman (Mary Toppan) (Yale University Art Gallery)

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