je_nny (je_nny) wrote,

Дети с собачками

FRANCISCO BAYEU y SUBÍAS (Zaragoza, 1764 – Madrid, 1795)
La niña María Teresa del Castillo sosteniendo con sus manos un perrito y una rosquilla. Hacia 1768-1770.

Portrait of Carlo Felice of Sardinia (1765-1831) painted by Giuseppe Duprà
ab. 1670 Anonym - Girl from the Manuel family


17th century. A Child with a Rattle, attributed to Paulus van Somer I, 1611, the Temple Newsam House
Jan Claesz., Portrait of a little child with a basket of cherries, 'AETATIS SVAE 1¼ ANNO 1606.
Tags: дети, искусство, портрет, собачки

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