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Елена Киселева

Portrait de femme (1930) by Elena Andreevna Kiseleva (1878-1974), Russian (bonhams)
Portrait de femme (1930)

Elena Andreevna Kiseleva (1878-1974)

Elena Kiseleva (1878-1974, Russian), 1916, Portrait of a Lady (Lyubov Brodskaya) (портрет Любови Бродской), Oil on canvas, Private collection, 108 x 108 cm. ((aka Elena Andreevna Kiseleva or Елена Андреевна Киселёва (1878-1974))
Портрет Любови Бродской. Private collection

Елена Киселева

Elena Andreevna Kiseleva. Mother and daughter
Tags: искусство, портрет

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