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Причудливые головные уборы

Hendricus Johan Antonius Baur Portret van Catharina Stinstra (Harlingen 1743 - Harlingen 1814), 1768

1792. "Friezin met duitse muts." (Frisian with German hat.) Plate III of "Letters over the united Netherlands" by J. Grabner

Fries Museum

Friesian woman in traditional costume with the German cap. The Friesian Islands are made up of Germans and Dutch. The islands lie in between the Netherlands and Germany

Friesche vrouw met Duitsche muts omstreeks 1780

Friesland 1870. L'inhumation. Femme avec «chapeau allemande» et le deuil Falie - Jan Duyvetter
Tags: дамские штучки, искусство, портрет

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