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Antoinette Christiane Wulff

Мне кажется, такой могла бы быть Джен Эйр!

A fine mid-19th-century portrait of Antoinette Christiane Wulff (1823-1892) by acclaimed Danish painter, August Heinrich Schiøtt (1823-1895).

Antoinette was the wife of Rear Admiral Jørgen Peter Frederik Wulff (1808-1881) who had distinguished career in the Danish navy.

Together with her husband, Antoinette raised two children, Ida Antoinette Wulff (1845-1924) and Marie Henriette Wulff (1847-1927).

This specific portrait by August Schiøtt features on Antoinette's biographies online and is the original. It was quite a privilege to sit for the notable Danish portraitist as many of his subjects were Danish royalty.
Tags: искусство, портрет

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